Ach Ranked One Of Top Five Education Programs For Kids

August 11, 2012

African Childrens Haven was recently named one of the top five “Children’s Education Non-Profits” by the personal finance search site, NerdWallet. Thanks NerdWallet! We appreciate it, but the credit rightly goes to our many African partners. They’re the ones doing the heavy lifting.

“African Childrens Haven helps hundreds of poor children, especially those who have lost their parents to AIDS,” Ercole-Musso said. The organization also provides safe haven for girls seeking to escape childhood marriage, genital cutting and the sex and drug trades.

Here’s what NerdWallet had to say:

African Childrens Haven believes in supporting kids through local grassroots organizations. They invest in community projects that focus on education, but will also extend support to projects that improve the overall health and standing of children, especially orphans and children in extreme poverty. The hope is that community-based organizations are permanent fixtures because they are tied to the people and the region, and investing in them will therefore yield better long-term results. They are making a difference all over Eastern Africa by addressing the needs of orphans and the homeless, agricultural issues, environmental concerns, gender inequalities, and they do it all through a focus on education. African Childrens Haven provides education about these issues in addition to funding schools and providing the financial resources for individuals to go to school. In Tanzania they offer scholarships specifically for girls’ secondary education, and hope to expand these scholarships to allow girls to go on to college. Their work is helping the disadvantaged children in Africa from the ground up.