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Beating the Odds

December 23, 2015

Agneta Ayako beat the odds. Earlier this year she graduated with honors from university with a Bachelor of Science in Food Technology. Aggy — who received scholarships to attend high school and took out loans to finance her university studies — is one of just a handful of students with similar backgrounds to gain entry to a Kenyan university and the first in her family to receive a university degree. This year, African Childrens Haven is providing secondary school scholarships for two graduates from the St. Philips Primary School, the small community school that gave Agneta her start.


She’s on Her Way

September 10, 2015

Maria Felix, one of the first Tanzanian women to receive a scholarship from African Childrens Haven back in 2010 recently completed her secondary school exams and qualified for university. Maria, shown here with her mentor, Dr. Aichi Kitalyi, is an exceptional young woman whose hard work and determination helped her to rise above the difficult circumstances of her young life. Like millions of other African girls, Maria was orphaned as child and lacked money to pay school fees. Once Maria completes university, her dream is to go to medical school. African Childrens Haven will continue to support Maria throughout her studies.


Sports Day at Starkids

July 31, 2015

Great to see the joy on the faces of the Starkid students at the school’s recent sports day event in Nairobi. Congratulations to all the young athletes. African Childrens Haven, a proud supporter of the Starkid School and Rescue Centre, recognizes that learning requires more than just academics and that athletic programs not only build healthy bodies, but also teach problem-solving skills that will serve young minds for years to come


Music in Tanzania

June 23, 2015

Music is an important part of the curriculum at the Fanaka Memorial School in Tanzania where both boys and girls are encouraged to learn to play an instrument. The school which was founded by the late Rhoda Kahatano, a legendary educator and politician, provides secondary education to students with few options beyond primary six. The band, which has some 20 members, recently performed at the school’s Parents’ Day Festival, an event that honors Fanaka’s top students and teachers. This year, African Childrens Haven supported the event by providing salary bonuses for the school’s hard-working and talented teachers.


Teacher Appreciation Day

May 5, 2015

Today’s the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week in the United States. We think teachers everywhere deserve appreciation, along with all the support we can possibly give them. To our friends and colleagues in Africa who sacrifice so much to teach, please know that African Childrens Haven not only appreciates what you do, but we will continue working hard to ensure you earn a living wage, are paid on time and that you and your families have access to health care. Thank you for your service. Asante Sana!


Salaries and Health Insurance

April 14, 2015

Just three public schools serve the 500,000 residents of Nairobi’s Mathare slum, but primary schools like St. Philips, a community-run facility that educates 200 children, take up the slack. Students pay just $2 per month to attend, but that’s a significant sum for families living in poverty. In a city where the average worker earns just three dollars a day, and where 70 percent of the population lives in slum areas, tuition costs take a huge toll on family budgets and still fail to meet the needs of school like St. Philips. African Childrens Haven helps fill the gap by paying for teacher salaries and health insurance and by supporting the student lunch program.

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